6 lifehacks  for shopping online 

6 lifehacks  for shopping online 

6 lifehacks  for shopping online 

Nowadays almost all people prefer shopping online, because you can buy everything sitting at home. However, there are some tips how to save your money.

Be patient 
Prices tend to change, so do not give up if the current price exceeds your budget. Look at the page and check every few days until  a discount appears. There are some  cases when shops show full price when you visit the website for the first time. But if you are patient, you may end up saving cash!

Mind your card 
One of the most interesting  ways to get a discount on online shopping is to leave the shopping cart. Fill out everything on your wish list, enter shipping details, and then disappear as soon as the payment page appears. 99% that you will receive an email with a discount voucher.

Think about winter in summer
While all your friends buy the hottest bikini of the season and modern sunglasses, you can surf for winter coats and boots. When  summer collection is popular, winter clothes cost little. You can save a fortune by buying off-season items. And when it starts snowing , you can start surfing for summer stuff instead.

Mind the  shipping 
Shipping costs are  fun of online shopping. While eight-dollar tacos may seem like a bargain to you, eight dollars for shipping seem a scam. Here you have to make a choice and compare quality of free shipping stuff to those, which are more expensive and understand if you want to wear clothes with low quality.

Create many accounts 
Usually, signing up with an e-store will bring in anything from a 10% to 20% discount. So if you create many accounts, you can receive bargains for friends and double your discounts.

And patience again 
Patience is the main thing of the game. Before you press the final “but” button, you should compare price with other stores. Sure, you’re a loyal customer of your e-store and they treat you directly by showering them in seasonal discounts. But you could save a lot by browsing and looking for better options. This is the clue how to find a discount. From baby products and vintage books to pet supplies and pottery accessories, we can look for better  prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal in the end!

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