7 futuristic lifehacks, which you should definitely try

7 futuristic lifehacks, which you should definitely try

7 futuristic lifehacks, which you should definitely try

If you have always been ahead of the times, you can improve everything from the interior of your home. For example, you can start from the way you water your plants and add to this activity a large dose of technology. This list of amazing toys will improve  your birthday and Christmas wish list with state-of-the-art tech toys!

Virtual Reality headphones
There is a funny thing about them: The virtual reality headset is known as a toy of the future, however in reality it is a toy of the past. It appeared  in 1994, but decades past before the gadget found its way into the home of an average person. Now you do not have to be a hardcore gamer to take advantage of the greatness of VR headsets. For instance, they are used by medical students for the surgery. In virtual reality you can enjoy your favorite movie, chill watching  a YouTube video, or heat enemies  in video games.

Google everywhere 
“Ok Google.” These two simple words are now known by everyone as a simple way to know how to get to a bar or to turn on lights in your house. Google Home is a future of home help and is a gadget straight from the Jetsons. With a sophisticated audio command system, Google Home will follow your basic instructions and whisk you into a luxury life. You no longer need to press the Play button on iTunes. Google Home does it for you. Living room lamp disturbs you with brightness? Google Home will improve it and play some jazz to complement the mood lighting. The sleek design of Google Home devices makes them both stylish and functional – the perfect complement to the modern home.

Artificial intelligence 
Yes, you read that correctly. You can now invite Artificial Intelligence to your home and enjoy together a cup of coffee. You do not need a million dollars or an engineer’s mind to enjoy Cozmo’s company. You need only $ 180 and a smartphone. The robot comes mounted and powered by Anki. Cozmo is a perfect companion and n interacts  well with humans and animals too. The robot can feel the presence of cats and dogs and show that. It comes with facial recognition features and a screen that shows his emotions. Basically a Mini Mars Rover, Cozmo is a brilliant breakthrough in robotics

3D pen 
This gadget is the world’s first 3D pen and can turn your ideas into real creations. It is suitable  for children, who are only  learning to write and at the same time  for students in architecture school. This pen looks like  traditional pencil + paper combination, and also offers several versions, depending on the user’s age and experience. It is a great idea for teachers to use it in classroom  by letting their students work with 3Doodlers. The idea of this stuff came from 3D printers, but is  cheaper and more exciting to work with. Everybody will be happy with such a present.

Microsoft Holo Lens is the world’s first self-contained, holographic computer that turns your world into a completely unique experience. With the help of it  you can  create series of holographic projections. This gadget plunges into a mixed reality by interweaving elements of actual and virtual reality. It can be used both for fun and work, for example in office presentations. The Holo Lens is equipped with games and design programs and  even with Skype and other necessary programs!

Surprise for ecology 
If you want to care about your plants – technology is there for you. There is a special app called Parrot Flower Power. The sensor examines the condition of environment and regularly sends updates to your smartphone. The sensor can estimate how much sunlight, water, humidity, fertilizer and temperature your plant needs. Its minimalist design does not catch the attention of your pet and does not affect the look of your garden. It is designed  for the modern gardener, who is busy and should be always on time.

Rest for brains 
If you think that yoga is boring, then you should give the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband a try. This  is the first tool in the world that gives you accurate information about what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. You can hear ocean waves,  birds in the rainforest and whispering of wind in the desert.  You can receive completely different experience of meditation.  After that you can look at your results and have rest from modern rhythm of life.

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