Future of retail (predictions for 2018)

Future of retail (predictions for 2018)

Future of retail (predictions for 2018)

All marketing strategists agree that there are some challenges, which the markets will face in the nearest future. Here are some of them.

Personal brands
Customers will  no longer be treated as faceless units of revenue generation. The shopping experience  will get more cozy and intimate, orientated on personal issues. It can be compared to browsing the products on a friend’s living room shelf.  Now the shopping stuff is issued to cooperate with personal need of their favorite clients. There will be less  general advertising, but more personal promotions. This branches out only from the experiences in the business and also gets into the inbox of a customer. Brands using Deep Learning can offer their clients a personalized experience, which will certainly change markets in 2018.

Forget about cash
The future of countless payments began. For example a Seattle supermarket recently made headlines for its brilliant payment system. Customers can now stroll into the store, take everything off the shelves and just go out. No security guard will run after them and cry rude words in the back. Here’s how it works: The Amazon Go Store requires customers to pull their phones through a mechanical gate as they enter. The store records the products placed in the customer’s e-cart and accumulates the costs on a virtual bill. So  customers can easily  go out of the store, and Amazon calculates their account remotely and sends them a receipt via  e-mail. Prognoses say that many other stores will join the initiative this year.

Creativity is important 
Now virtual reality and augmented reality are very popular, so businesses need to use these  resources to join the stream. It’s already happening with big brands like  Marks and Spencer. Old eye-catching technology is now  for brands with tight budgets, because it makes concurrence chances lower. For example, the famous cosmetics store of Kylie Jenner has designed its boutique to give customers an insight into their world by using Instagram and other social networks. Shops that will continue to use the traditional shelf-and-shelf combination will not only be noticed in 2018, they’ll also disappear in nearest future.

Brands for people
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial for planning brand strategies. CSR is not limited to big brands and applies to budding brands as well. Customers say that brands with a soul have a more positive impact on society and them personal. This means that wide spread brands should try more to create intimate relations with consumers. The modern citizen is both ecologically and socially engaged and will support brands that invest their energy to make the world a better place for all people.

Everything goes online 
The modern world is a great place for online shoppers who are introducing large brands of e-store alternatives to their stores. Online shopping experiences have evolved from a futuristic novelty to a practical solution for every day. From a pair of leather shoes to a soymilk carton, you can expect to get to your front door with a single click, not standing up from a chair. To work with the convenience of online stores, you must satisfy your personal needs and receive everything you want.

Social networks are in 
According to a survey by Social Media Examiners, 92% of marketers say that investing in social media has produced impressive results in terms of business risk during short period of time . Social media is booming, and its proliferation has even introduced new roles in the advertising and marketing. Brands industry  can not survive without using new technologies. Customers feel connected to the brand and this will lead them to communicate with their immediate social environment via Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The modern shopper does not pay attention to lazy advertising campaigns and instead prefers personalized social media material, which can show brilliant results with low investitions.

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