How to choose clothes in the online stores

How to choose clothes in the online stores

How to choose clothes in the online stores

How to choose clothes in the online stores?

We all are used to shopping online. The only thing that many are still not used to is buying clothes and shoes there. And this is understandable, because the choice depends not only on the model, but on many characteristics. For example, a dress can be narrow, even if it’s your size. What to say about shoes, when there are differences in sizes in each country. But sometimes there is such a desire to buy a favorite thing online, because the choice in the Internet is much wider than in the nearest store. What can we say about prices, which are often lower than in a regular store and even include shipping! So, it turns out, choosing clothes in the Internet is not so difficult. And if you use these lifehacks, you can do it without any bad consequences. After all, we ordered clothes for years from catalogs from Europe.

So, where to start?

First you need to decide what you really need. Since putting things into a virtual basket is much easier, in the end you can see a huge and unbelievable receipt. And also it is necessary to remember, that you need to combine all these clothes, which you liked. So at first you need to learn how to combine clothes. The best option is to buy, for example, a suit, and only then to pick up blouses and other accessories, which will look great together.

How to choose right clothes in the Internet without trying them on? It turns out that everything is not so difficult. To begin with, you must understand that you do not need to buy something that you liked, but something that suits your body. In the photos all models are 90 – 60 – 90, and in fact real people usually have a tummy that will stick out on a tight dress or other specific features of body. Here is my way of choosing size of clothes. In some online stores they write not only the size but also the parameters of the model on the photo. I compare growth, weight and parameters with my own and after that I realize if the thing suits me or not. For example, I have long arms and look for the right length taking in regard the growth of the model. If I see that woman is 175 cm high and a sleeve is quite long , than I am sure that it will suit me with my 170 cm height.

Now let’s look at the colors.

How to understand what colors will suit you? You need to understand this one time, because it will be necessary in future. Each person has his own colortype. It depends on the color of hair, color of eyes, color of skin – yes, everything that is usually taken into account when choosing a color. You do not need to think about colors every time you buy something. You just need to know this.

The sizes of clothes are not limited to features of body. Someone likes to order clothes from abroad like Ebay, which gives an opportunity to offer from t USA and Europe. Dimensions often do not coincide with Russian ones, the same with shoes. In order the purchases from abroad to be successful, you need to carefully study the given size tables, which indicate the size and its correspondence in centimeters to Russian ones. And if there are no such tables, then it is better to refuse from the purchase. Even more useful can be the comments and reviews from websites.


Also there is an important factor. A high-quality online store , which sells clothes and shoes, always has a lot of photos made from different sides. As a buyer, I can say that the front and back of the blouse can look absolutely different. For example, I liked a blouse, it was very beautiful, I clicked on the details – and there was a clasp on the back. Generally out of my taste. And if there would not be a photograph with a back view, I would have to make a return. And do not forget that there can be many photos, you just need to scroll. Not everyone can guess this option from the first time.

Also, it is the best to start with buying something small. It is not necessary to buy at the first time something expensive, and without refund possibility. Practice on inexpensive things, take a look at the store, its return conditions, and if you like it – I advise you to buy where you’ve already done it, because you know for sure that you can return a disreputable thing without problems and unnecessary costs.

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